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Status: Online
Players Online: 53 Players Online
Online Record: 1366 players (on Nov 03 2022, 14:29:21 -03)
Creation Date: 08/12/2023
Location: Brazil
PvP Type: Open PvP

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Name  [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Astronauta2700Sacred Paladin
Blindado Kn6880Armored Knight
Bukele Opressor2661Armored Knight
Danger2243Ancient Druid
Dani Rp5222Royal Paladin
Darck3669Ancient Druid
Dayger4826Sacred Paladin
Dekek8712Ancient Druid
Dekez6348Sacred Paladin
Dignics2976Elite Knight
Disgrassa7267Sacred Paladin
Disgrassado5218Ancient Druid
Dum Dum4053Ancient Druid
Eriickdias951Elite Knight
Estefani pvp2688Sacred Paladin
Estefani Sd2808Ancient Druid
Fanyk9627Ancient Druid
Finado Leo3682Royal Paladin
Flamengo1512Sacred Paladin
Flango2065Elite Knight
Holandes Voador558Elder Druid
Ipod Loiro892Elite Knight
Ivan The Legendd3690Ancient Druid
Jhonny Douglas1806Sacred Paladin
Jully3719Sacred Paladin
Kaneex4136Sacred Paladin
Kendall7301Armored Knight
Kyara4705Ancient Druid
Lgbt Blooker3330Armored Knight
Lillith3555Sacred Paladin
Lord Venancio1143Master Sorcerer
Lugo2079Elder Druid
Major Armstrong3304Sacred Paladin
Mamao Putasso2060Royal Paladin
Marc Marquez1645Elder Druid
Melhor10Elder Druid
Monotox3507Ancient Druid
Nestem509Elder Druid
Osirisz2144Grandmaster Sorcerer
Pit Jr4484Sacred Paladin
Prypiat Trikdom2999Elite Knight
Rakza2206Royal Paladin
Royal Safadao3076Royal Paladin
Royal Star151Royal Paladin
Saibot3627Sacred Paladin
Saymex4250Ancient Druid
Sepu3301Armored Knight
Sergio Moro2740Sacred Paladin
Tabata205Elder Druid
Urek Mazino3445Armored Knight
Vaisefudetano2382Ancient Druid
Vulgomenor3042Armored Knight
Warzone1876Sacred Paladin

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Top Experience
1 - Garip
1 Reborn: 33, Lv: 5309
2 - Dekek
1 Reborn: 30, Lv: 8712
3 - Insanity Astrix
1 Reborn: 27, Lv: 10064
4 - Disgrassa
Reborn: 27, Lv: 7267
5 - Saymex
Reborn: 27, Lv: 4250
Castle 24h