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World Information
Status: Offline
Players Casting: 240

Currently This Server is the only with a unique system of broadcasting game in the current time. System is based on an official TibiaCast.

You can enter a live stream by login into the game without entering any account number and password. Just don't write anything in those 2 fields and just press enter. A list of all available casts will appear shortly and you choose the one you would like to watch. After login into the cast, you can talk with other audiences and a person that is broadcasting.

To make your own broadcast, you must login to your account and use a command /cast on.

Full command list can be found below.

Players Casting [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
OutfitName[sort] Level[sort] Vocation[sort] Spectators
Absolut Citron1494Ancient Druid0/50
Acetilcisteina917Elder Druid0/50
Akdxtz1133Royal Paladin0/50
Akolwi1548Ancient Druid0/50
Always Together1606Royal Paladin0/50
Analfabetaa1132Sacred Paladin0/50
Analfabetyk1579Royal Paladin0/50
Apita Meu Socio1005Elder Druid0/50
Astaroth Levon1646Royal Paladin0/50
Axaxawx79Elder Druid0/50
Babau Comedordecu1188Ancient Druid0/50
Balboa1448Royal Paladin0/50
Batatinha frita1413Royal Paladin0/50
Bentin Trader884Elder Druid0/50
Biel1742Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Bills Pornhub1713Elder Druid0/50
Bird Usebirds1484Sacred Paladin0/50
Black Onix1638Ancient Druid0/50
Bnoo Boladao1646Ancient Druid0/50
Boleto1705Sacred Paladin0/50
Brabus1478Ancient Druid0/50
Braryan Maestro1307Elder Druid0/50
Bruuh Empresario2047Sacred Paladin0/50
Cadela No Sio1014Elder Druid0/50
Celso Zero1999Royal Paladin0/50
Character Two936Elder Druid0/50
Chove Grana1366Ancient Druid0/50
Citratinho Deixa Forte691Elder Druid0/50
Clonita Pornhub1611Ancient Druid0/50
Colunga Pornhub1248Elder Druid0/50
Craudiao Maromba1562Ancient Druid0/50
Criminalista1187Royal Paladin0/50
Debinha Sz826Elder Druid0/50
Deboresty Banguelo1738Elder Druid0/50
Deebz2023Ancient Druid0/50
Derrotado1047Elder Druid0/50
Dilson Sugar Deide662Elder Druid0/50
Dior1306Royal Paladin0/50
Disgrassa1877Sacred Paladin0/50
Doguinha Maker1268Elder Druid0/50
Dolantina911Elder Druid0/50
Dominuje Brazola1596Elder Druid0/50
Drazio Vrau Nelas1028Elder Druid0/50
Drizin Prime1748Elder Druid0/50
Droga Eo Fita1636Ancient Druid0/50
Druid Chapa953Elder Druid0/50
Druid Powah1566Elder Druid0/50
Druida875Elder Druid0/50
Duck1822Ancient Druid0/50
Dustxd Ttp1924Ancient Druid0/50
Dusty Kid925Elite Knight0/50
Emmutus1072Royal Paladin0/50
Endall Jr1774Royal Paladin0/50
Eriniusek1215Royal Paladin0/50
Eusz1431Elder Druid0/50
Farmadorzinho Um1160Elder Druid0/50
Fe Vullgo Malvadao1635Elder Druid0/50
Ferro Na Boneca316Elite Knight0/50
Finger1168Royal Paladin0/50
Foksh Tankfully1408Sacred Paladin0/50
Found1603Sacred Paladin0/50
Frontline Prime2105Sacred Paladin0/50
Fumarola1425Elder Druid0/50
Funk Knight1662Royal Paladin0/50
Galegah1473Elder Druid0/50
Garip2848Ancient Druid0/50
Geladeira1033Elder Druid0/50
Gordin Gozafino1766Sacred Paladin0/50
Gosanno1252Ancient Druid0/50
Gregor957Elder Druid0/50
Groov1772Ancient Druid0/50
Groovsex1581Ancient Druid0/50
Guzzin Caesar1760Master Sorcerer0/50
Guzzlamaw1637Elder Druid0/50
Guzzlemawy731Elder Druid0/50
Guzzlymaw1810Ancient Druid0/50
Guzzy Izzy1650Master Sorcerer0/50
Hemp1644Elder Druid0/50
Henrique Offwh1977Elite Knight0/50
Hotkeys Desactived1131Elder Druid0/50
Ignite1859Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Igor Ruttiman2434Elder Druid0/50
Imortal Claws1347Ancient Druid0/50
Incrivel Hulk964Elder Druid0/50
Instinto Superior1509Sacred Paladin0/50
Iphone1579Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Jesus Money1098Elder Druid0/50
Jhon John721Elder Druid0/50
Jogadora1070Elder Druid0/50
Johnnie Walker1723Elder Druid0/50
Jorginho1442Elder Druid0/50
Kadosh San1926Sacred Paladin0/50
Ken Ryuguji1551Elite Knight0/50
Kharne Greylhada1703Ancient Druid0/50
Killian1199Royal Paladin0/50
Kina Monsters878Armored Knight0/50
King Kong1837Ancient Druid0/50
King Returns1569Ancient Druid0/50
King Witte927Royal Paladin0/50
Klotz1004Elder Druid0/50
Knight Of War1677Armored Knight0/50
Krikor Mekhitarian1777Royal Paladin0/50
Krosslegance1458Elder Druid0/50
Lancaster1066Ancient Druid0/50
Legeendary1045Sacred Paladin0/50
Leleo Unkillable2202Royal Paladin0/50
Letodie1501Elder Druid0/50
Lewa Flanka Pvp1447Ancient Druid0/50
Lindomar1096Elder Druid0/50
Lipezk Banguelo1588Elder Druid0/50
Lipizin1808Master Sorcerer0/50
Liws Mage861Elder Druid0/50
Lobum1459Elder Druid0/50
Logunna1758Ancient Druid0/50
Lord Paladin932Royal Paladin0/50
Loteando Full856Elder Druid0/50
Lous Bland1908Sacred Paladin0/50
Lucas Lansoa Braba1094Ancient Druid0/50
Made In Baiak951Elder Druid0/50
Maguezito1512Ancient Druid0/50
Mah Ulh Dade1601Royal Paladin0/50
Maico1552Elite Knight0/50
Malcolm Merlyn1041Armored Knight0/50
Manguinha Scripts909Elder Druid0/50
Mano Do Loot933Elder Druid0/50
Mano Jeff1585Ancient Druid0/50
Mano Loot909Elder Druid0/50
Mano Zika1937Ancient Druid0/50
Manu Arg977Master Sorcerer0/50
Math2002Elder Druid0/50
Maximus1060Elite Knight0/50
Meliodas876Master Sorcerer0/50
Meloid1218Elder Druid0/50
Move Your Body1941Ancient Druid0/50
Mr Unstoppable1456Elite Knight0/50
Nakama Do Marcinho669Elder Druid0/50
Nenem Banguelo1421Ancient Druid0/50
Noiado772Elder Druid0/50
Noot1549Sacred Paladin0/50
Ocaraquemecomeu1179Elite Knight0/50
Oditador1864Ancient Druid0/50
Omeniitriixsz1128Elder Druid0/50
Ontrainger1048Elder Druid0/50
Oteet1059Elder Druid0/50
Oweeix Ozzyz1535Elder Druid0/50
Oweeix Red900Elder Druid0/50
Owl Corujaa1872Ancient Druid0/50
Owl Returns1310Royal Paladin0/50
Pai Ta On1014Elder Druid0/50
Passarin Usebirds1980Ancient Druid0/50
Patrocinado924Elder Druid0/50
Paullinn Ayt1761Elder Druid0/50
Pay To Win865Elder Druid0/50
Picademel890Elder Druid0/50
Piri Kih Toh1449Royal Paladin0/50
Placa Puush1520Elder Druid0/50
Pleasure Coruja1782Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Po De Dez1556Royal Paladin0/50
Pokonanie Wrogow1098Elder Druid0/50
Poze Do Rodo1575Ancient Druid0/50
Psycha1603Sacred Paladin0/50
Psycha Not Found533Elite Knight0/50
Push Ball883Elder Druid0/50
Quitela1253Royal Paladin0/50
Rafasz Inigualavel1860Elite Knight0/50
Ragnar Lothbrok1512Elder Druid0/50
Recovery1831Elite Knight0/50
Refat1386Armored Knight0/50
Reiksy Is Back1797Sacred Paladin0/50
Respect Ice Bruuh1861Elder Druid0/50
Revoadero1540Elder Druid0/50
Rhyze1664Royal Paladin0/50
Royal Paladin1066Royal Paladin0/50
Russo1049Master Sorcerer0/50
Ruttiman Castle2480Elder Druid0/50
Saolonguinho1904Ancient Druid0/50
Sc Eo Trem1475Master Sorcerer0/50
Scooby1387Elder Druid0/50
Scooby Doo1034Royal Paladin0/50
Senhora Lorrane942Ancient Druid0/50
Sexfy1159Elder Druid0/50
Sirius Black1623Sacred Paladin0/50
Soseiqfoiassim1801Royal Paladin0/50
Sou Banguelo1458Master Sorcerer0/50
Soulz1314Sacred Paladin0/50
Soy Leyenda1515Elite Knight0/50
Sr Hilton1024Elder Druid0/50
Ssilenc1480Armored Knight0/50
Stevezy1508Elder Druid0/50
Stevn994Elder Druid0/50
Summer1624Ancient Druid0/50
Sunny1858Sacred Paladin0/50
Sunnysz1233Elite Knight0/50
Supernatural772Elder Druid0/50
Supreme Hunter598Elder Druid0/50
Supreme Looter1089Master Sorcerer0/50
Supreme Loteador983Master Sorcerer0/50
Syaturowy Xenoby1331Elder Druid0/50
Taquei Arrow1368Sacred Paladin0/50
Thay Sz1220Royal Paladin0/50
The Crazy1049Elder Druid0/50
The Mith940Elite Knight0/50
The Old Sniper1982Sacred Paladin0/50
Thomas William1768Elder Druid0/50
Tibia World Fantasy1853Elder Druid0/50
Tigrao1086Royal Paladin0/50
Timmy1995Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Tinows1683Elder Druid0/50
Torbergsdatter1799Royal Paladin0/50
Tutti Here1288Elder Druid0/50
Use The Droga1009Elder Druid0/50
Vamp Long Bolth1928Sacred Paladin0/50
Vann Houten1466Sacred Paladin0/50
Veio Da Havan1792Ancient Druid0/50
Velha Surda1586Ancient Druid0/50
Venom Crusher1580Elder Druid0/50
Venom Spellcaster1061Elder Druid0/50
Venom Unstoppable1140Elder Druid0/50
Venom Warmaster1142Elder Druid0/50
Vinisz1548Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50
Viper871Master Sorcerer0/50
Vish Maria654Royal Paladin0/50
Vitorino1280Ancient Druid0/50
Volta Beyrin Plz1602Sacred Paladin0/50
Vtr Banguelo2226Ancient Druid0/50
Vtz Banguelo1888Sacred Paladin0/50
Vulgo Feiticeiro1562Master Sorcerer0/50
Vulgo Loteador1281Elder Druid0/50
Vulgo Malvadao1122Elder Druid0/50
Warwrzyniec1872Ancient Druid0/50
Wbr Flakito1201Elder Druid0/50
Wettki610Elder Druid0/50
Winsz Itz1806Ancient Druid0/50
Woody980Royal Paladin0/50
Xis Videos1029Elder Druid0/50
Zack Fdp1585Royal Paladin0/50
Zbigniew238Royal Paladin0/50
Zeeh Marola1859Royal Paladin0/50
Zjedz Banana1037Elder Druid0/50
Zoro1775Grandmaster Sorcerer0/50

Currently available commands for spectators:
/show - display the amount of currently active spectators
/name - change your name on chat with player and other spectators
/auth - authenticate to an exisiting cast (required with chat proctetion)

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast password off - disables the password protection
/cast auth on - enables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast auth off - disables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast kick {name} - kick a spectator from your stream
/cast ban {name} - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
/cast unban {name} - removes banishment lock
/cast bans - shows banished spectators list

/cast mute {name} - mutes selected spectator from chat
/cast unmute {name} - removes mute
/cast mutes - shows muted spectators list
/cast show - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
/cast status - displays stream status

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Top Experience
1 - Garip
1 Reborn: 8, Lv: 2848
2 - Igor Ruttiman
1 Reborn: 7, Lv: 2434
3 - Math
1 Reborn: 7, Lv: 2002
4 - Ruttiman Castle
Reborn: 6, Lv: 2480
5 - Xande
Reborn: 6, Lv: 2352
Castle 24h